This is the replay of the January 20th, 2020 DNA Activation available for purchase.

New Activations are available each month.

“The human genome contains around 20,000 genes, that is, the stretches of DNA that encode proteins. But these genes account for only about 1.2 percent of the total genome. The other 98.8 percent is known as noncoding DNA.”

This 98.8 percent is referred to as “Junk DNA”.

It is not junk, and it can be awakened and accessed in ways that science is not aware of.

DNA Awakening Activation will link in with this energy that we have yet to work with consciously, and begin the process of allowing our full potential to expand, deep within the codes that create us.

This work is important for our ascension as well as our daily walk on this planet. You are imbued with potential beyond comprehension, which is stored inside of your very being.

It’s time to access this information, wisdom, understanding and ability that is your birthright.

We will be working with the Munari, psychic & energetic surgeons in the realms, as well as other Guides, including your own Guides that you may or may not be aware of.

$18 for this Activation Session

You should receive an email shortly with a link to the Activation video and mp3.

Each Activation Session is recorded and emailed to you afterwards, in video and mp3 form.  This way you can continue to receive the benefits of this offering as often as you like.
Please do not share your purchased link with others.  If you have friends who would like to participate, please ask them to register and purchase the activation.  I appreciate your integrity in supporting my work in this way.


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