This is the replay of the April 13th Soul Calling / Personal Mission Activation available for purchase.

Each Month Is A New Activation Offering
7pm – 7:45pm EST

You have a Soul Calling in this lifetime.  This activation offers the opportunity to more fully engage and remember your purpose on this planet, as well as clear obstacles to living into your passion.

I invite you to join me as we work within an activated energetic grid, opening the space multi-dimensionally, allowing Star Beings that I work with, and your own Guides, to connect with each of you personally, for your highest divine support.
These high-frequency transmissions offer you the opportunity to fully commit to and embody your spiritual growth in order to level up!

Activations are a way of accessing your own spiritual wisdom, intuition and psychic gifts, connection to your Soul purpose and healing that can support you on every level.

Your higher consciousness, DNA, cellular structure, physical/mental/emotional body, chakras and energetic field can be re-programmed to fulfill your greatest potential.

For the last decade, I’ve been working with specific Guides in the realms who have been a vital support for the healing work that I offer to others. From them I have received activations, attunements, upgrades and more. These Star Beings have been a tremendous part of my personal leveling up, healing and growth.

At the guidance of these supportive helpers in the realms, I am offering regular activations online, allowing everyone to join who is ready to fully receive.
You do not need to be in person to gain the full benefits. Guides in the realms will be focusing on what you specifically need within the activation.
All you need to do is find a quiet space to lie down and relax, with an open mind and heart.

Each month you’ll experience a new Activation:

January 20th –  DNA Activation
February 17th –Physical Healing
March 9th —  Star Being Activation
April 13th    Soul Calling / Personal Mission
May 11th   Pineal Gland Clearing / 3rd Eye Activation
June 15th   Summer Solstice Activation
July 13th   Ancestral/Lineage Healing
August 10th   Jaguar / Personal Power Reclaiming
Sept 14th   Prosperity Mentality Activation
October 12th   Reprogramming of Limiting Beliefs
Nov 16th   Chakra Clearing/Opening/Activating
Dec. 14th   Solstice 2020 Integration, Recapitulation & Re-Set for 2021

Look for a return email with Zoom link to join the session once your purchase has been finalized.

 $18 for this Activation Session

Each Activation Session is recorded and emailed to you afterwards, in video and mp3 form.  This way you can continue to receive the benefits of this offering as often as you like.
Please do not share this link with others.  If you have friends who would like to participate, please ask them to register and purchase the activation.  I appreciate your integrity in supporting my work in this way.
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