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Me in the tree that the hummingbirds just love

Fell in love with this lil guy while in Peru.

2 different colored eyes on this sweet boy. Easy to fall in love with lots of animals in Cusco. Peruvian animals are very self-sufficient and often wander the streets even though they have owners who feed them. They have a freedom that animals in the US no longer experience.

Cross at San Cristobal Church with wall full of portals in background.

Yellow is THE color for New Year’s Eve. They even wear yellow underwear to ensure good luck for the coming year and everyone puts yellow flowers in their doorways.

Overlooking the city of Cusco

Overlooking Cusco, the garden vista where my friend lives and where I often stay when visiting Peru.

At the sacred wall at San Cristobal church. Lots of portals here that have been closed up with stones over the years.

Overlooking the Sacred Valley on my way to Pisac.

Being goofy in Pisac

Overlooking Cusco from San Cristobal

One of my most favorite places, Temple of the Sun, aka Coriconcha. One of the oldest and most sacred temples of the Inkas that was mostly torn down and replaced by a church which is now a monastery. Definitely worth a visit!

In Pisac with my new friends.