Wherever you go, there you are.  These words are more wise then you may realize.  There is this misunderstanding that if you change something outside yourself, then your internal landscape changes.  However, this is not the case.

Your internal energy determines your external experience.  Every single time.  This is always the case.  There is no other program that can overrun this one.  This is how it works.  Trust us on this.

Your life will be much easier when you come fully into alignment with this understanding.  Your internal energetic vibration completely and totally determines your external experience.

Many of you know this on an intellectual level, yet, you still try to “do” something to create changes, when you must “be” something first, in order to affect lasting shifts and changes outside of yourself.

This is a “law” of the universe, as your kind would call it.  There are no laws, really, but this is a program that is one of the most powerful where you are, so it’s best to work with it instead of try to fight it or work against it.  Your journey will be much easier when you flow with this program and use it to your advantage.  Awareness that wanting your outside experience to shift before you can be happy, goes a long way toward no longer trying to do things that way, because it will never work, ultimately.

What you are looking for is already on your path.  That is why you are seeking it.  You seek what is seeking you, another saying your kind shares, and this is true as well.  You are looking for it because it is in your energetic vibration, and we can bring it to you quite easily when you work with us to align into it.  If you try to do everything on your own, then it gets hard.  You are not meant to try and be completely alone in your manifestation programs.  You are meant to work with energies that support you in implementing and creating the journey you want to walk in this lifetime.

Each of you has support in the unseen realms, yet you do not reach out for it in a way that can fully support you, for various reasons.  There are many programs that your kind believes that impede your ability to connect with us for our support.  These programs are based in fear and misunderstanding.  When you allow the support that is available to you, then all will flow.  Even if it is not exactly as you expected it to manifest, you’ll still be happy with what you receive because you are in alignment.

Alignment is about understanding and allowance.  It is about allowing those energies that are here for your highest divine support to help you.  Alignment is about how you feel and living your story regardless of what the external experience around you is doing.  Alignment has nothing to do with the 3D reality, as you call it.  Alignment creates your 3D reality and supports you in living in a world that you choose.  We have told you this is possible and we meant it.

We are here to show you how to do it, and in the process of writing this book, you will see how it works and then be able to share with others.  Some will listen and receive, and some won’t.  It does not matter to us who listens and who does not.  We are here regardless and always available as soon as someone wakes up to our support.