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Online Shamanic Mentorship

  • Receive consistent support, guidance, training, insight, inspiration, community, connection and more.
  • Empower tangible shifts and work with tools that you can bring into your daily experience.
  • Gain access to Bloom’s years of training and experience through these live bi-weekly webinar/telecalls.

Two live, group sessions each month, 75 minutes each, for only $47 per month.

Each session is recorded and archived on a private website, available to all active participants.  Even if you miss a call you can still receive the benefits.

You’ll also be invited to join a private Facebook group only for members of this inner circle so you can connect, encourage, support and thrive with like-minded folks from all over the world.

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Current Mentorship Students Share:

“This mentorship’s consistency (every other week) is bridging the gap between theory and practice; I am taking nurturing/supportive ideas and transforming those ideas into a skill set for being self-directed and empowered in my life. Bloom’s gifts and capabilities as a dynamic leader and guide shine brightly in this format. The support I am receiving from her and the realms is very tangible.” ~ Carrie Lynn Hill

“I never had any idea about many of the things I’m learning about.  It’s mind blowing and exciting. I feel like a kid at times in awe and amazement of all there is to unfold!” ~ Mariann Metzer

“Only two sessions into the Mentorship and I have already felt an enormous shift in my energy! These sessions are helping me to be more disciplined and regular in my practice, keeping me motivated and engaged.   Bloom is amazing, and the community created in this virtual space is very open and compassionate. I’m feeling very grateful for this opportunity!” ~ Lora Morini

“The mentorship with Bloom Post has really brought me into a deeper understanding in my own practices. It has brought me to a state of wakefulness spiritually, personally, and professionally. The reawakening and the knowledge that you bring forth under Bloom’s guidance is perfectly aligned to all aspects of your life.” ~ Tracy Prater

Shaman’s Toolbox Shamanic Training Level 1 (Video Course)

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 Highlights of the video course include:

  • Learn to Shamanic Journey with ease
  • Shamanic Journeying tools
  • Authentic & tangible connection with your Spirit Guides
  • Connecting with your personal Animal and Plant Totems
  • Smudging and Clearing your space
  • Energetic Clarity & Protection
  • Energetic Cord-Clearing
  • Bloom’s story to help guide your own learning
  • Creating a personal mesa
  • Working with your personal healing/support team in the realms.
  • Energetic Grid-work & Activation
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Working with shamanic tools / Claiming your personal medicine pieces
  • Connecting & working with star beings
  • Calling in your medicine song
  • Working with plant teachers

“My experience in taking Bloom’s shamanic training course has been one of simultaneous depth and expansion. During my time working with Bloom, she acted not only as a teacher, but as a guide, assisting us in our personal growth and discovery of our inner realms, giving us a variety of tools to further support our journeys. I have been witness to my own consciousness shift, expand, and evolve in this short time. I feel as if I have been able to more directly, effectively, and confidently interact with Life. This experience has served as a process of initiation, placing me on an unexpected but completely appropriate path for the evolution of my entire being, and I am ready for more!” ~ K. Anderson

“I highly recommend the training!  I was lucky enough to partake in the training and I learned a lot of new techniques, and gained new tools for my practice.  The most profound thing that I took from this endeavor was empowerment.  Bloom really helped us step into ourselves, accept ourselves, and be seen as who we are and the potential we are . It was such an empowering experience to embody and be seen.  At times I would walk away feeling exhausted from facing my limitations and the issues I have created for myself.  But most of the time I would feel like a superhero, energized and bursting with potential energy.  The class is not what you think it will be, nor is it what you think it won’t be.  It resembles a living entity.  It has a path, it has a projection, but it becomes what it is, as it is. You, Bloom, and everything else create it.” ~ A. Voigt