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Wherever you are on your path, it’s important to have the right tools, and access to the resources you need. Click here for Bloom’s latest free recordings.   Purchase Bloom’s book, in paperback or Kindle, by clicking the link below.


Shaman’s Toolbox:
Practical Tools for Powerful Transformation

Paperback $14



Kindle $7.99

This is a book about re-membering:  who you are, your true divine nature, and the many beautiful gifts you have brought to this life. It is time to re-member your connection to nature, your purpose on this planet and your deep, abiding joy.

In Shaman’s Toolbox, Bloom Post shares her personal journey of learning the practice of shamanic journeying and connecting with her spirit guides. She takes her extensive experience and shares tools and techniques that will allow you to meet your animal and plant totems, connect with the angelic realms, talk to ancestors and other beings of light and even create healing in your past lives.

If you are ready, you can walk between the worlds, entering into the realms to connect with spirit guides that will show you what you seek. If you desire answers, healing, clarity or guidance, Shaman’s Toolbox provides easy-to-follow practices for shamanic journeying to tap into your divine guidance. Through the practice of shamanic journeying you can find your calm center, enjoy peace of mind, facilitate personal healing and connect with your soul’s mission. These practices allow you to step into your personal power and live an authentic, joyful life.